Fertilizer Certification

Agricultural Fertilizer Certification Training

To become certified for agricultural fertilizer applications:

Fertilizer Manual:  Study Guide

  • Attend a fertilizer certification training class offered by Ohio State University Extension -- Click here for training opportunities
  • Complete and sign a fertilizer certification form at the end of the training class.


If you have a pesticide license, you're done.  If not, you will pay $30 for the fertilizer applicator certification.  The invoice for the certification fee will be sent to you by the Ohio Department of Agriculture after you complete the fertilizer certification training class.  You will need to recertify every three years.  

To re-certify in agricultural fertilizer applications:  

  1. Attend a 1-hour recertification training offered by Ohio State University Extension when your renewal is due.   Find a recertification training class here!

  2. Complete and sign a fertilizer recertification form at the end of the training class.

  3. You will need to re-certify every three years to maintain your certificate

    What fertilizer is included in the certification?  Fertilizer is any substance containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or other plant nutrient in a dry or liquid formulation. All application types (broadcast, side dress, sub-surface, knifing, etc.) are included in the certification requirement. The only application exempted is start-up fertilizers that are applied through a planter. For this certification requirement, lime and limestone are not considered fertilizers.

Are there any more details?

The final rules for the agricultural fertilizer certification are available at: http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/901%3A5